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LEVA-EU: Bike Europe’s Report on 79% Anti-Subsidy & Dumping Duty Is Not Correct

  • Release date:2018-11-12
  • Abst:BRUSSELS, Belgium – Yesterday, Bike Europe published BREAKING NEWS on Draft Proposal: EU To Impose 79 Percent Anti-Subsidy & Dumping Duty on China E-Bikes. According to the European branch of the Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA-EU) that operates on behalf of the Collective of European Importers of Electric Bicycles, our report is not correct and is creating panic and unrest in the sector. However, sources in Brussels indicate that Bike Europe’s report is not wrong.


    LEVA-EU’s reaction to yesterday’s report by Bike Europe is posted as a Comment below this report. The comment by LEVA-EU Manager Annick Roetynck states “This information is manifestly incorrect. The Commission is NOT to impose 79% anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on China E-Bikes! The Commission has only published a DRAFT for the anti-subsidy investigation, proposing 16.14% as the highest percentage of countervailing duties. This DRAFT includes nothing on the Commission’s intention for anti-dumping.”

    No Disclosure Document on Dumping yet

    The LEVA-EU Manager’s comment rightly points to the fact that the European Commission has not yet issued the General Disclosure Document on “Case AD643 – Anti-dumping proceeding concerning imports of electric bicycles originating in the People’s Republic of China.” According to Bike Europe’s sources in Brussels that document will be issued to stakeholders and parties which have co-operated in the proceedings, in about one week.

    ‘Report is for 99% correct’

    Bike Europe contacted its sources in Brussels immediately after it received emailed comments by LEVA-EU. Our sources make clear that the Bike Europe report that warns for an upcoming combined anti-subsidy and anti-dumping duty that is likely to be as high as 79 percent, is correct. Bike Europe’s sources elaborated by stating that our report is for 99 percent correct and that the combined anti-subsidy and anti-dumping duty is expected to be as high as indicated in our report.


    LEVA-EU furthermore said in its comments “We are still lobbying to make the Commission think differently and we are continuing the court case.” For making the European Commission ‘think differently’; stakeholders and parties that have co-operated in the anti-dumping proceedings have up to 29 November 2018 to comment on the final disclosure document which is to be issued within one week. The deadline for imposing definitive anti-dumping measures stands at 18 January, 2019.