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Huzhou organization of public cycling low-carbon cycling activities

  • Release date:2016-12-07
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     To further promote low-carbon lifestyle, and guide the public green travel, build quality city. December 3, Huzhou City Transportation Bureau, the City Federation of Trade Unions held, the City Transportation Authority, the bus company to host the "green riding Lake City" low-carbon public cycling activities successfully held. City Transport Bureau deputy director Ni Jianguo, vice chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Zhang Xiandong, Feng Haiying, Municipal Transportation Bureau deputy director Li Jiankang and other leaders attended the opening ceremony, the city's 20 units of more than 200 people to participate in activities.

    Ni, deputy director in the opening ceremony, said that to promote public transport, public bicycle and other green travel, and guide the people to establish a "healthy, low carbon, environmental protection" travel concept, which is to help Huzhou green development, striving for civilized city Protection, is to solve the public travel last mile difficult problem effective means.
    The riding activities, from the East Square, Huang Park, starting from the mountains to ride to the south gate of Ren Huang Shan reentry, a total of 6 km, along the set of six traffic volunteer service points, is responsible for riding the order guide and rider logistical support . The public has also set up bus service points to provide public transportation consultation, publicize the effect of public transport construction in Huzhou and invite public to offer advice and suggestions for the development of public transport in Huzhou. More than 400 questionnaires have been received.